Liver Down The River

“It’s as good as it gets in the jam-grass world, and they’re genuine as hell. They’re able to mix it up onstage with straight-up funk and rock players or right alongside some of the traditional players in American bluegrass. It’s a close-knit camp, and Liver Down the River is setting themselves up to carry the torch… a gang of musicians that keep it real onstage and then aren’t afraid to keep it going in a campground or by the side of a river until the wee hours; that’s part of the allure, the providing of an experience.”

DGO Magazine – Downtown Lowdown – 10/13/16  

“It’s crazy listening to a band that is this young, but also this talented. If Liver Down The River continues with the improvements they have shown between their last two releases, they will quickly be on the path to rivaling the jamming capabilities of bands like Yonder Mountain String Band and Leftover Salmon. I recently attended the 42nd Telluride Bluegrass Festival, and can say without a doubt that Liver Down The River would put some of the bands playing main stage to shame.”

Rage Colorado